Which Celebrities Wear Contact Lenses?

Ever wondered how celebrities get gorgeous, clear eyes? Well the actual question you need to be asking is: which celebrities wear contact lenses?

So many celebrities today look amazing on the red carpet, photo shoots and at events but this is normally down to the skill of their makeup artists and stylists who enhance their natural beauty so they are always looking glamorous and camera-ready.

More celebrities than you think wear coloured contact lenses either for a different look or to flatter their skin tone and hair colour. Here is just a selection of celebrities that experiment with this beauty trend…

Paris Hilton

Actual Eye Colour: Light Brown / Hazel


Megan Fox

Actual Eye Colour: Dark Hazel / Dark Brown

Tyra Banks

Actual Eye Colour: Dark Brown / Dark Green

Naomi Campbell

Actual Eye Colour: Dark Brown

So there you have it! Would you have guessed these beauties wore coloured contact lenses?! If you fancy giving them a try, our range of Chelsea Eyes Coloured Contact Lenses will captivate your eyes and create instantly beautiful, clear and natural looking colour.

We have two ranges to choose from, Catwalk Eyes and Lush Eyes:

Catwalk Eyes

Our Catwalk Eyes are especially manufactured to make your eyes look bigger and brighter to create a model-like, high fashion appearance. They come in Blue, Dark Brown, Green, Grey, Hazel and Light Brown.

Due to their thick outer ring, this creates a defined looking eye with naturally blending colour tones making them suitable for dark and light eye colours.

Each pack contains two lenses and lasts for three months.

Lush Eyes

This is our most popular range of coloured contact lenses and will give you a naturally beautifully look for an instant, stunning makeover. They come in six gorgeous colours, Green, Brown, Aqua, Blue, Grey and Dark Brown.

Each pack contains two lenses and lasts for three months.

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