The Perfect Beauty Look

So many women are always wondering how to get the perfect beauty look and our gorgeous products will help you do just that. Below you will see the transformation of our already gorgeous model Lola after her Chelsea Beautique makeover.

The perfect beauty look is just a few steps away…

Lola BEFORE her makeover:


Lola AFTER her makeover:


Step 1

You will see from the 'before' shot of Lola that she already had gorgeous, thick brows, but the great thing about the Chelsea Brow Kit is that it works on almost any shape, colour or thickness of eyebrow. With a range of stencil shapes to choose from, you can either go for a classic, natural one like Lola in the 'after' photo or a more glamourous look like celebrities Cara Delevingne and Eva Mendes. There are also seven shades of our premium brow powder to choose from to suit your hair colour and skin tone.

Step 2

We hope you agree that Lola’s lashes in the ‘after’ photo look thick, full, yet still natural, and this is because our Mink Lashes we used on her are fuller, softer and more flexible than other synthetic lashes to create a classically beautiful look. And what’s more, they can be worn up to 20 times with proper care so you can carry on enjoying your new beauty look!

Step 3

When we were giving Lola her makeover, we particularly liked seeing the change to her eye colour with our Chelsea Coloured Contact Lenses! Lola already had very pretty eyes but the new colour means she can experiment and try a different beauty look. So whether you are looking for a dramatic change like Lola or you just want to enhance your natural eye colour, there are so many to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice!

Step 4

Want a new, funky hair colour to go with your new beauty look? Then try our Chelsea Hair Chalks, a fun way to experiment with different shades without a permanent effect. Lola’s hair looks amazing, and you too can create a similar look, dip-dye your ends or even add flair to your fringe!

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