Choosing the right makeup products can be hard. They should be perfect for your skin and have the right formula and shade for your complexion. What’s even harder is to learn which tools and accessories best help to achieve a flawless look once you’ve select your products.

Our Chelsea Essentials Collection contains innovative makeup tools that help you achieve a stunning look in a matter of seconds. All products are especially designed and extremely easy to use. Our cosmetic accessories are much-needed additions in any modern woman’s makeup bag.

Among our luxury makeup accessories you can find Silicone Blending Applicator that’s designed to blend your makeup seamlessly with zero product absorption in the sponge, 2-in-1 Blending Sponge. which gives you perfectly finished, streak-free makeup, Dry Brush Cleaner that allows you to switch eyeshadow colours without the need to switch brushes, precision, dual-bladed Sharpener and perfect for sensitive skin Makeup Remover Wipes that provide a quick and easy solution to bringing off even the most stubborn of waterproof, eye makeup.