Q&A Chelsea Beautique

1. How do I apply the powder using the Chelsea Beautique stencils?
We have created a 'how to' video that can be found within our website. Click here to watch now.
Alternatively we have provided a step-by-step illustration that that can be viewed by clicking here

2. I have missing sections of brow hair and/or scar tissue; will the Chelsea Beautique Powder cover these areas? 
Yes! Our unique, specially formulated powder made in California will even cover areas of the brow with no hair

3. Can I apply the powder on oily skin? 
So long as the brow area is firstly cleaned with an oil-based product such as soap and water or a make-up wipe and then thoroughly dried, then yes you can! Other products will smudge or wear off during the day, especially on a woman with oily skin. Chelsea Beautique's specially formulated powders will lock in the look and last all day without smudging, flaking or wearing off 

4. How long does it take for the powder to dry and set? 
Chelsea Beautique powders quickly set within a matter of a few minutes. The specially formulated powder once activated, will become smudge proof, sweat- proof and water-resistant meaning you can exercise and even shower without worrying about the powder coming off (so long as you don't use any oil based shower products).

5. How long will the powder stay in place? 
Your eyebrows will remain in perfect shape all day until you remove the powder with any oil based product

6. What shade of powder should I use? 
We have provided a colour guide that can be viewed by clicking here.

7. Does the powder look natural? 
Yes, and in our opinion much more so than tattoos or eyebrow pencils. 

8. What if my eyebrows don't quite fit within the stencils provided? 
If by chance your eyebrows don't fit within the stencil shape simply divide the eyebrow into two sections, starting with the inner section and then the outer. 

9. How do I remove the product? 
Simply remove the powder using any oil based product such as soap and water or make-up wipes
10. How easy is it to use the stencils and powder at home? 
Very easy! Simply follow the guidelines on our tutorial video and you will master the application within a few tries 

11. I already have well shaped eyebrows; can I add definition using the powder without the stencils? 
Yes! If you are happy with your natural shape then simply apply the powder with a free hand using either end of our professional applicator brush