Looking for a fuller, more dramatic lash look? Our Silk Collection offers a large variety of ultra-glamorous styles, giving you a more defined and fuller eye. Our delicately crafted, multi-layered designs provide a voluminous and intensified look, adding extra dimension for a fluffier, textured effect. Made from 100% pure silk, these lashes come in a variety of handcrafted styles for any makeup look, day or night.

Our silk false lashes are tailor-made to provide optimal comfort while ensuring a stand-out look. Wear them up to 15 times and get luxurious, red-carpet feels with each use. Their super soft and shiny texture ensures a dramatic yet natural appearance that blends seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Whether you want a bold or a natural effect, our silk collection boasts a pair of perfect lashes for every occasion. Check out our lashes Aurelia or Evangeline if you’re looking for a dramatic, red-carpet appearance or go for the pair called Helena for a more natural, refreshing look. Don’t forget to get our high-quality and invisible Lash Adhesive to lock them in. Or check out our wide range of mink lashes as alternatives.