How to Choose Best Eyebrow Products

How to Choose Best Eyebrow Products

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the frame – that’s why you need to make sure you define and polish them! Whether you’re going for a dramatic red carpet feel or a more natural and soft appearance, fining your eyebrows gives off a great finish to any makeup look. However, with so many makeup companies producing a gazillion different brow products, choosing the one that’s perfect for you can be really confusing.

It can be overwhelming to tell the difference between a pencil, powder or gel. Should you use a brow mascara or pomade? It’s important to know that selecting the right product for yourself depends on your eyebrow shape and how a product looks on one person can be different from how it looks on you. We know it can be hard to sort through the myriad of different brow products in the market when all you want to do is shape your brows. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to help you make the right choice.

Read these tips on how to choose the best eyebrow products for all your brow sculping needs:

For natural yet defined brows:

If you want a defined but natural brow look, using a brow powder is the way to go. Brow powders are smooth and soft, giving your eyebrows the most natural look while providing the precision of a pencil. Use short strokes and make sure to blend properly with a spoolie for the best effect. Chelsea Beautique’s semi-permanent eyebrow powder is your best bet for achieving brows that appear natural yet defined. High in pigmentation and easy to apply, our eyebrow powders are smudge-proof and water-resistant to keep your brows perfectly in place all day.

For sparse brows:

For those who must deal with sparse eyebrows, try using a brow pencil to create the illusion of fuller, thicker brows. Use the precise, thin tip of the pencil to create hair-like strokes starting from the beginning of the brows and then going on to define the shape and edges. Use Chelsea’s All-Day Brow Pencil to create your ideal brow look. Perfect for all skin types, this waterproof and smudge-resistant pencil will stay in place no matter how much time you spend in sweaty workouts or pools. Remember to blend with the spoolie side of the pencil to lock your look!

For enhancing your eyebrows:

If you've been blessed with good eyebrows and are simply looking to enhance them, our Brows Best Sellers Kit is the perfect choice for you. It has everything you need to get perfectly sculpted brows in minutes, including our Magic Brow Lift for creating an instant virtual eyebrow lift, an eye smudge brush for gently blending the Magic Brow Lift, Clear Brow Gel keep your brows locked in place and Brow Duo Brush for precise application of brow powders and for maintaining a groomed look.

There you have it! You can now flaunt those full brows and pull off any makeup look with confidence!

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