How to Do Your Eyebrow Makeup at Home

How to do your eyebrow makeup at home

Not everyone is born with a thick pair of naturally perfect eyebrows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your brow goals. Eyebrow makeup works wonders to bridge the gaps. In this post, we’ll teach you how to do your eyebrows like those pro beauty bloggers you have seen on Instagram!

With this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply simple brow products to achieve perfect eyebrows every time. Let’s dig in!

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How to achieve perfect eyebrows at home:

Step 1:

Start with clean, dry eyebrows that are free of oils, cream and makeup.

Step 2:

Using brow tweezers, pluck out any stray hairs and give your brows a neat shape.

Step 3:

Mark the starting and ending points of your eyebrows using a brush. Place the brush along the side of your nose to see the ideal starting point of your brows. Now slide the brush from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find the ideal ending point of your brows. Mark these areas.

Step 4:

Use a spoolie brush to brush your eyebrows in an upward motion. This way, you can see where your brows are uneven and need to be filled.

Step 5:

Choose your preferred eyebrow stencil from the set of six stencils and place it evenly on your brow.

Step 6:

Fill in your brows by lightly applying your preferred eyebrow powder. Choose the color that best matches your eyebrows to achieve a natural look. Keep the tip of the stencil parallel to the ground. Try not to make the endpoints too harsh or overdo the inside corners of the eyebrows. The goal is to achieve an even and natural look.

Step 7:

Using the angled end of the applicator brush, define and smooth over any harsh lines above and under your brows and square off the edges.

Step 8:

To hold the brow hair in place and set the look, apply the brow mascara with short, even strokes for lusciously thick arches.

Step 9:

Trace the concealer end of your Chelsea Magic Brow Lift over the top of your brow line. Using the highlighting end of the pencil, apply along the underneath of the brow bone from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of the brow. Gently blend the concealer and highlighter using the eye smudge brush. This will define and lift your brow bone for eyes that look fresh and awake.


You’ve now achieved perfectly defined brows that will bring out your eyes and frame your entire face, with or without more makeup. If you don’t want to spend a fortune getting your eyebrows done at a salon, you can easily use this step-by-step tutorial to beef up your brows at home!


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