Silk Lashes vs Mink Lashes – What’s The Difference

Silk Lashes vs Mink Lashes – What’s The Difference

Plenty of people turn to false lashes because they think their own eyelashes are too short, not full enough, or they just like that extra fabulousness. Whether you use false eyelashes to add length, volume, extravagance, or drama to your beauty, we’re here to tell you about Mink Lashes and Silk Lashes.

Let us start by explaining both products. The Mink Lashes by Chelsea Beautique are made from 100% cruelty-free Mink Fur. Mink lashes have a more glamorous, semi-gloss finish. They add drama and lavishness to your appearance in a very natural way because they blend in seamlessly with your own lashes.

After making lash extensions simpler, more accessible, & less time-consuming, Mink Lashes were born. Usually, you would have to sit for about 2 hours to get lash extensions that last a few weeks, then go back and do the same cycle all over again. You can now get that same exact flawless look for cheaper and in minutes with lashes from Chelsea Beautique.

Being the newer type of false lashes, Silk Eyelashes by Chelsea Beautique are made from pure silk. Their lash body is thicker for longer which gives the eye a much fluffier and fuller appearance. These lashes come in various looks to suit different eye types and styles.

The differences between Mink Lashes and Silk Lashes are very minor, that is why it all comes down to preference at the end. The material is very much alike, however, their shape, finish, and weight can slightly vary. Both lashes are very light, fine, and soft. They do not irritate or add pressure on the eyelids, making them very comfortable to wear for long hours. Both types of lashes add flair and fluff for the best day and night looks. 

Both types of eyelashes are reusable. With the right care, Mink Lashes can be used up to 20 times while Silk Eyelashes can be used up to 15 times. Use makeup remover to gently clean the lashes ensuring all the lash adhesive is gone and any mascara you might have added.

Whichever type of Chelsea Beautique lashes you decide to use, they all add amazing volume to your eyes, while still looking natural. All you need to do is find the right style, length, and pattern that fits your individual eye type.

If you’re looking for a simple natural day look or a drama-filled night look you will find a style that fits you perfectly from Chelsea Beautiques Mink and Silk Lashes. Both lashes are individually designed and handmade with love and the highest standard of craftsmanship. Each pair are inspected, packaged, and sealed with a kiss.

If you are the type that regularly wears false eyelashes or the type that only wears them on special occasions, the Chelsea Beautique Mink and Silk Eyelashes will give you the best natural look there is with the utmost comfort.

The Chelsea Beautique Lash Adhesive firmly holds your lashes without the mess. Not only does it dry clear but the adhesive is also latex free!

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