Waterproof Eyebrow Powder - How To Find The Perfect Product

Waterproof Eyebrow Powder - How To Find The Perfect Product

Finding the perfect eyebrow powder for you can be challenging. You have to really know what the ingredients are in the product so you are not harming your eyebrows or your skin, and you have to find the right color that suits your skin tone and hair color at the same time. Which can be hard for someone who dyes their hair frequently.

Chelsea Beautique offers you seven different amazing water-resistant, sweat-resistant eyebrow powders that suit almost all skin tones and hair colors.

The Waterproof Eyebrow Powders are semi-permanent, smooth, and give you a natural look. They are also, smudge proof and great in humid conditions, while swimming, or working out. You don’t have to stress over the color melting down your face while at the gym or in the sun. With that being said, our Waterproof Eyebrow Powders can be easily removed with your daily make-up remover.

These one-touch eyebrow powders are super-high in pigmentation and are very easy to use and apply on both hair and bare skin. The Waterproof Eyebrow Powders are made with natural ingredients and no oils so they do not harm the eyebrows. Our tip to you when using our Waterproof Eyebrow Powders, just tap the brush once after brushing it on the powder itself so any excess powders can fall back on the products instead of on your eyelids or cheeks.

Finding the right eyebrow powder color is a matter of testing some out, but we have suggestions based on skin tones and hair color.

Our Natural eyebrow powder is suggested for those with light blonde hair and fair skin, while our Stone eyebrow powder is suggested for those with blonde and silver hair. Our Light Brown eyebrow powder is suggested for those with dark blonde and red hair, while our Dark Brown eyebrow powder is suggested for medium brunettes. Our Chestnut eyebrow powder is suggested for dark brunettes while our Cappuccino eyebrow powder is suggested for those who have black hair or are dark brunettes. The seventh eyebrow powder color, Midnight, is suggested for those with black hair or for brunettes who want to achieve a more dramatic look. All colors are smooth, easy to apply, and water-resistant.

With our smudge-proof, water-resistant eyebrow powders, we recommend you use our 100% mink brushes that are soft on the skin and eyebrows. Our eyebrow powders will give you a much fuller and natural look for any event or occasion you have.

Get super glamorous eyebrows in seconds with the eyebrow powder color of your choice and apply it easily with any of the 6 different stencils we offer with our Semi-permanent Eyebrow Makeup Kit or simply put, our Brows Kit.

Our Semi-permanent Eyebrow Makeup Kit, or Brows Kit, not only includes our water-resistant eyebrow powder but also has all six different eyebrow stencils, tweezers, a two-sided 100% mink makeup brush, and a bag for your eyebrow powder so it does not fall and break.

Due to the fact that our eyebrow powders are water-resistant and smudge proof, they will lock in your look and keep your eyebrows perfectly in place all day.

Stunning eyebrows in seconds! We promise you that.

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