How To Do Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

How To Do Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

“If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the curtains that frame them.”

Eyebrows can change an entire face. If you pluck them too much you can look older or even unhealthy, on the other hand if you emphasize them too heavy they look too artificial. So… How can you get beautiful eyebrow makeup and achieve a perfect shape every single time?

Without a stencil:  


  1. After getting out of bed your eyebrows might not be looking their best, but who's do?! If your brow hair is thick and unruly then it's good to wet them a little before you start. 
  2. First things first, give them a comb. Brush out the eyebrows upwards, in their natural arch to determine where the gaps are.
  3. Trim out any excess hair growing beyond the arch and tweeze any growth outside your preferred arch.
  4. Then you're ready to start filling and defining. You can use either a powder or pencil, but a good choice for a long lasting, smudge free finish would be our Eyebrow Powder. 
  5. Using a small amount of powder and the precision end of your brow brush, draw a clean line to shape out your brows. Tip: Try wetting your brush a little before adding the powder for a sharper line.
  6. Then, with the applicator end of your brush, start to fill in the brows within the outline. Tip: start with a little powder and build up from there. If you're using the Chelsea Brows powder, this will adhere to both skin and hair ensuing all gaps are properly filled.
  7. After filling the eyebrows, brush them out again. This way, the powder will spread out evenly and any excess will fall off the hairs.
  8. If you dream of having Instagram eyebrows, then you can try one more thing - apply a concealer and highlighter under and over the brow to lift and frame them. You can use our Magic Brow Lift which is designed to create an instant virtual brow lift. Emphasize the bottom line of the eyebrow with the highlighter and the top line of the brow with the concealer. Blend in the lines with a smudge brush for a seamless finish

Using a stencil:

Not everyone can get perfect brows without a little a bit of help! Try Chelsea Beautique's Brow Kit which comes with a series of stencils suitable for all brow shapes. Using this kit, you'll get perfect brows in seconds, every single application!

    1. Firstly make sure that your skin is dry and free from oils, creams or any makeup.
    2. Choose the stencil that is most suited to your face following the natural shape of your eyebrows.
    3. Using an applicator brush, lightly apply the brow powder in a gentle back and forth stroke, filling the entire arch. Tip: It's important to use a high grade natural fibre brush that will 'grab' the powder and ensure a smooth finish. Try to avoid synthetic brushes as the powder will not adhere as well. 
    4. Brush out the brows to remove any excess product.
    5. Using tweezers pluck out any excess hairs that are growing outside the brow shape.
    6. Apply concealer and highlighter under and over the brow to lift and frame them.

    You wouldn't want brows that are almost perfect would you? Thankfully Chelsea Beautique make sure that yours are...every single time!

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