In GIFs: 4 Eyebrow Bloopers We All Experience

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Eyebrows can make you look younger and more beautiful but sometimes they can cause a lot of trouble! Have you ever experience any of these bloopers?

Picking the wrong shade of eyebrow makeup

You don't know what happened. You were positive that shade would be perfect for you but when you tried back home it didn't look great at all.

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Our advice: Many people use the wrong shade of eyebrow makeup. Remember to try a sample in the store to be sure the shade is good for you. Also be aware that your eyebrows do not have the same shade as your head hair. Usually you need a shade or two lighter. Here’s a quick guide for you "Choose Your Shade".

Covering your eyebrows with too much makeup

In an attempt to get the perfect eyebrows you’ve applied several layers of powder. As a result, they look very unnatural.

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Our advice: Don’t try too hard. Use short strokes to fill your eyebrows without overapplying the powder. Here’s an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide and remember it’s ok to use stencils until you’ve perfected them freehand "How To Use Stencils".

Not blending your brows properly

You were running out of time so you quickly slapped on your brow powder and dashed out. After a few hours you realized your brows looked painted!

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Our advice: It’s OK to be in rush. If you don’t have much time then use stencils and an eyebrow product that’s quick and easy to apply. Thanks to that you can have perfectly shaped eyebrows in seconds and without much of blending. Here’s a quick video on how to achieve super glamorous eyebrows in seconds "Tutorial videos".

Plucking your eyebrows until they become too short

You longed for the perfect eyebrows, but something went terribly wrong! Maybe you over-plucked in that close-up mirror or were obsessed in making them look exactly the same. Somehow you have to fix it!

Our advice: Unfortunately it takes a long time for eyebrows to grow back. To avoid this kind of situation, try to find your natural brow shape and tweeze out only those hairs that grow beyond. However, if you did go a little crazy on the plucking then help is at hand . This powerful enhancing serum will help restore brows and minimise brow loss.

Let us know what your the biggest eyebrow blooper was!

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