In GIFs: How Your Makeup Addiction Affects Your Relationship

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Relationships can be difficult. It requires a lot of work and sacrifice on both sides. Can be even harder if one devotes themselves completely to their passion. But what if their passion is makeup? How does it affect the relationship?

1. Problem with time

You started preparing for this fancy event one hour ago. Have planned what look want you achieve, which cosmetics will you use and so on... Halfway through your makeup application and your husband says…“We’re leaving now”! 

How Your Makeup Addiction Affects Your Relationship GIF


2. Problem with budget

Sale. You love it! Him? not really. Despite this he has agreed to go with you to your favourite makeup store. There are so many beautiful cosmetics you’d like to have, but you know you should only choose those that you need. Unfortunately, this is stronger than you and you decide to take everything that takes your fany. The sales lady rings up your total and you look back at your boyfriend...

How Your Makeup Addiction Affects Your Relationship GIF


3. Problem with attention

You did this. You achieved the most perfect makeup look you have ever seen! You need him to notice and walk right in front of his eyes. Unfortunately, he is blind to your stunning beauty…

How Your Makeup Addiction Affects Your Relationship GIF

But despite all this your love is strong and you cannot imagine life without each other. Of course, accepting someone's addiction can be difficult, but only someone who has a true understanding of love will comprehend this. After all, you wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who didn't completely accept you, so why would you expect anything different from your partner?


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