In GIFs: Addicted To Eyebrow Makeup

Addicted To Eyebrow Makeup

Eyes, lips, eyebrows or skin. Every woman has her favourite part of the face, that she devotes the most attention to. For some of us, the most important is the eyebrows. Conscientious plucking, nourishing, the best quality makeup products… Everything to make them perfect. But how do people like us, with an addicted to brow makeup, usually behave?

 1. Constantly looking for a perfect brow product

Finding that product is extremely hard. There are lots of low quality products that don’t stay in place all day, some of which carry only a small range of shades. But people like us need something special. It needs to be Smudge-Proof, Water & Sweat Resistant and super-high in pigmentation. Unfortunately finding the perfect product like this can take months. But when you finally find it…

Addicted To Eyebrow Makeup GIF

2. Feeling bad when the eyebrows aren’t perfect

Makeup can cause a lot of feelings. When it’s perfect we’re happy and confident but when it’s not we’re depressed. The same rules apply to eyebrows, especially as they’re one of our main features. There’s a sense of relief after getting your brows done…

Addicted To Brow Makeup

3. Wanting to correct everyone’s eyebrows

Having perfect brows comes with additional issues. You see your fabulous eyebrows in the mirror every day, so you want the same perfection on other people. According to you everyone should have perfectly shaped eyebrows and you’re sure that you are the one to help them. So when someone’s talking, all you’re thinking about is how to make their brow’s look better...

Addicted To Eyebrow Makeup

4. Loving when people like our brows

Spending the time to achieve perfect brow arches must be appreciated. Not everyone will notice your effort, but when someone finally compliments you it’s like…

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Are you addicted to eyebrow makeup? Let us know! We are looking for people similar to us!

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